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What Start Your OWN Blog NOW with SpeedyBogSetup?Why do you need a blog? Why would YOU want a “speedy blog setup’? If you’re here reading this now, you’re clearly considering the reasons a blog could make a significant difference to your brand, offerings, or personal fulfillment. We can get you up and running with your very own customized professional blog that works for you–and goes to work for you–right away!

A blog…

  • –is a powerful tool to build instant reach and credibility
  • –offers a key strategy to establish yourself as an expert in the field
  • –gives you a forum for informing or educating others about what’s important to you
  • –is great way for you to portray your business, your work, or YOU in a positive light
  • –is an easy option for you to communicate with your customers or contemporaries
  • –allows you to promote your work, events, book, or other offerings
  • –gives you a “voice” for your company or yourself to educate your readers or website visitors

SpeedyBlogSetup.com is dedicated to helping you start (or improve) your own blog so you can start benefitting from all the excellent opportunities a blog provides.


About SpeedyBlogSetup.com

SpeedyBlogSetup.com is committed to helping you get a professional blog that you can use up and running in no time. To that end, the newest blogging software programs are called CMS (Content Management Systems). They have been a great improvement for people who want to have a web presence either through a traditional website or through mediums such as blogging. One of the best and most popular of the new CMS’ is WordPress.

WordPress truly has made websites and blogs manageable by almost anyone. That does not mean though that just anyone can jump in and run a WordPress site or blog. They can still be difficult and frustrating to setup and get running. Problems still come up that can leave one stuck with no source of help and let’s face it, sometimes the tutorials need a tutorial.

My own experience has taught me that sometimes even with my understanding of web language, I can occasionally spend hours learning how to fix a new little problem or “tweak”. I know how frustrating that can be to someone else who has no desire to figure all of this stuff out.

I have recognized and heard complaints from many people who just want to blog, to write, to connect with their audience. They don’t have the time to spend learning technical skills that aren’t in their nature or personality to learn. They don’t have the desire to dig into a bunch of mumbo-jumbo geeky new knowledge that will have no other use in their life after this. I believe that these people can better use their talent in writing great content for the rest of us to read and learn from.

Thus was born SpeedyBlogSetup. We have assembled a small team of experts who can ease your pain. We are here to help you to win. Give us a chance to show you what we can do.

We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

See how we can help you to get started.

speedyblogsetup-Our Founder

About the Founder

I have been involved with the internet for a long time. I signed up in the first week that local dial-up internet access was offered in our town in 1995. The “world wide web” as it was called back then wasn’t anything like it is now but I could see the value of it even then. Files were accessed by programs like Telnet and FTP. Netscape was just becoming popular as a way to view web pages.

On a whim, I started researching and taught myself how to build a web page. It was just something to do at first, but soon, one thing led to another and here I am, almost 20 years later. Now, the internet and the “world wide web” are my only source of income.

Society has come a long ways from then and the internet has led the way. Gone are the days of writing html code from scratch in Notepad. Many different methods and software programs have come and gone that have promised easier websites. Some have been good and some not so good.

Not only is the internet my job, but it has been my hobby as well. I look forward to sharing my expertise and passion with you. My goal is to provide an invaluable service to each customer and to be a great resource to all who come here seeking help. I view each customer who I can help as a success story for them as well as for me.

My first WordPress site took days to setup because I had to learn each step as I went. My goal is to save this step, this learning curve, for my customers. I am here to do all that I can to get you to blogging as soon and as painlessly as possible.

Let’s get started now.



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