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Nature and Soul: Musings of a Jungian Psychologist – Dr. Jeff Howlin: Howlin is a Jungian Psychologist who has been working full time in the mental health profession for over sixteen years. He has found Jungian psychology to coincide with his deepest beliefs. Dreams help create a life worth living. They connect people to their spiritual core, which is why Dr. Howlin loves to work in this field of study. He has been licensed as a psychologist in California since 2002. He has experience providing psychotherapy for many psychological problems and disorders, but specializes in psychotherapy for depression and maintains a part-time private practice. 


Patricia Damery: is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Napa, California, and a member of the C. G. Jung Institute in San Francisco. She writes professional articles, novels (Snakes, 2011; Goatsong, late spring 2012), and maintains two blogs, patriciadamery.comand Her personal account of her journey to becoming a Jungian analyst and concurrent process of her husband’s and her becoming Biodynamic farmers, Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation, was published in 2010 by Fisher King Press. My life has been about seeking the divine in everyday life, and my writing reflects that. Patricia and her husband Donald grow grapes, lavender, other aromatic plants, and goats in the mountains on the western edge of the Napa Valley


Soul Spelunker – Mark Dotson a.k.a. Zeteticus: http://www.tediousexistence.blogspot.comPhilosophy and psychology fanatic; writer, and self-named Soul spelunker 


Sister from Below: When the Muse Gets Her Way – Naomi Ruth Lowinsky: is an award-winning poet, author, and Jungian analyst is also the author of The Sister from Below: When the Muse Gets Her Way and The Motherline: Every Woman’s Journey to Find Her Female Roots and numerous prose essays, many of which have been published in Psychological Perspectives and The Jung Journal. She has had poetry published in many literary magazines and anthologies, among them After Shocks: The Poetry of Recovery, Weber Studies, Rattle, Atlanta Review, Tiferet and Asheville Poetry Review. Her two poetry collections,red clay is talking (2000) and crimes of the dreamer (2005) were published by Scarlet Tanager Books. Naomi has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize three times and is the recipient of the 2009 Obama Millennium Poetry award for “Madelyn Dunham, Passing On.” Naomi is a Jungian analyst in private practice, poetry and fiction editor of Psychological Perspectives, and a grandmother many times over. 


Myth, Culture, and Consciousness – Catherine Svehla: is a writer, artist, and storyteller with a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She leads the monthly High Desert Mythological RoundTable in Joshua Tree, CA and facilitates workshops on what it means to adopt a mythic perspective in one’s life and work. 


Matrignosis: A Blog about Inner Wisdom – Dr. Jean Raffa: Jean Raffa is an author, speaker, and leader of workshops, dream groups, and study groups. Her job history includes teacher, television producer, college professor, and instructor at the Disney Institute in Orlando and The Jung Center in Winter Park, FL. She is the author of three books, a workbook, a chapter in a college text, numerous articles in professional journals, and a series of meditations and short stories for Augsburg Fortress Publisher. 


Erel Shalit:, Erel Shalit is a Jungian psychoanalyst in Ra’anana, Israel. He is a training and supervising analyst, and past president of the Israel Society of Analytical Psychology (ISAP). He is the author of several publications, including The Hero and His Shadow: Psychopolitical Aspects of Myth and Reality in Israel and The Complex: Path of Transformation from Archetype to Ego.Articles of his have have appeared in Quadrant, The Jung Journal, Spring Journal, Political Psychology, Clinical Supervisor, RoundTable Review, Jung Page, Midstream, and he has entries in The Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion. Dr. Shalit lectures at professional institutes, universities and cultural forums in Israel, Europe and the United States. 


Jung Currents – Dr. Stephen Parker: Parker is a Jungian psychologist and heart attack survivor who says the internet saved him eight years ago when the severity of his heart problems was misdiagnosed. Since then he has had a strong interest in finding reliable health and psychological information quickly and easily on the web. The work of Carl Jung has been particularly important in his life and psychological practice.


Through a Jungian Lens – Robert LongPre: LongPre writes a very regular blog which blends photography with psychological reflection, based on concepts found in Jungian psychology. He has written three photo/psychology books that are part of an ongoing series called “Through a Jungian Lens.” 


Vibrant Jung Thing – Brian Collinson: has been providing counseling to people in situations of deep crisis and individual need since 1981. He has extensive experience in providing support and psychotherapy to individuals in a very wide range of situations and circumstances, including, but not restricted to, those outlined on the page entitled“The Journey”. He is a Clinical Member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists and also a graduate of the Analyst Training Program of the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts, and holds the Dipl. Analyt. Psych. (OAJA). 


Heide Kolb:
Heide M Kolb is a practicing Jungian analyst in New York City. She teaches and writes on Jungian thought, the imagination and alchemy. She has explored the Western Mystery tradition for about thirty years. This venue is a way to share some of her thoughts and musings of her Jungian work, explorations of Jung’s Red Book and other related topics.


The Daily Dreamer – Carla Young: Carla received a copy of Carl Jung’s newly published “The Red Book” for Christmas in 2010, she was inspired by his journal to post her dreams, each with its own illustration. The International Association for the Study of Dreams called this blog “awesome” in its Feb 2010 Newsletter.


Depth Insights – Bonnie Bright: Bright is the principle and founder of Depth Insights, which produces and distributes depth psychology media and educational offerings via Depth Psychology Alliance, the world’s first online academic community for those who are active and interested in the fields of Depth and Jungian Psychologies. The Alliance is a hub for finding depth psych-related events, blogs, videos, and articles and is a place for discussion, learning and connecting about depth psychological topics.


The Fisher King Review – Fisher King Press: King Press, headed by Mel Mathews, publishes an impressive array of Jungian and depth psychology-oriented books. This blog site reviews a number of them in great detail.


Craig Chalquist: a traditional blog per se, we still included Craig’s “Writings” page because the content and contribution to Jungian and Depth Psychology is so rich. Craig Chalquist Ph.D. is the author of 8 books and editor of 2 anthologies, including Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled. Currently a core faculty member in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Dr. Chalquist has also taught at John F. Kennedy University, Antioch University, Prescott College, and Pacifica Graduate Institute among others. Craig’s comprehensive work in the field(s) of depth psychology, ecopsychology, and mythology have given rise to a number of groundbreaking unique programs including Encyclopedia Sophia, an online repository for culture mentors, and Earthrise–a vision for a mythic image for our time.


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  1. Iosif says:

    Thank you for these links! Jung is my favourite psychoanalysis and the resources presented here are great!

  2. Judith Harte says:

    I’m a depth psych.alliance member and BB referred me to you to discuss setting up a blog in the near future.I’ve emailed you separately. Hope to speak soon. Thanks.

  3. Mark Dotson says:

    Thanks for including my blog in your list of favorites. Note that it is now called Soul Spelunker. My tedious existence has turned into a very exciting life, writing about the things I love.



    • kelly says:

      I have made the change in name and fixed the link which apparently wasn’t working. My apologies for that.

      This blog post was actually written by a good friend and submitted to me for my use here. I will pass your thanks on to her.


  4. Thank you for putting this together. I thought you and readers of this blog would be interested in this Depth Psychology Resources page, which is full of free videos, audios etc by Carl Jung and prominent Jungian Analysts/writers.

    Please feel free to share

    Warm wishes Howard

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