Plugin List

The following plugins will be used on your blog setup, depending on the package that you have selected.



The first six (with *) will be installed on the Budget Conscious and Basic Packages.

There will be at least fifteen plugins installed and customized on the Intermediate and Deluxe packages.

The No Hassle Plan will include at least fifteen plugins.



*Akismet    One of the best spam filters made to keep people from spamming the comments section of your blog.  -requires an free activation key from Akismet

*All In One SEO Pack    An excellent tool to add meta data (keywords, titles, etc.) to your site. Every WordPress site that I build or own gets this plugin.


*Contact Form 7    An easy to use form builder for WordPress. Can build forms ranging from simple contact forms to complicated order forms. Also available are several “helper” plugins to expand its functions.

*Google XML Sitemap    An absolute must for a website. This plugin automatically creates an invisible sitemap of your site and then submits it to Google, Bing, Ask, and other search engines asking their “search spiders” to take a look. This is done automatically each time your blog is changed. You won’t rank in the search engines without it.


*Social Bookmarking     This plugin places Facebook, Twitter, etc. buttons for your visitors to connect and share your stuff over social media channels.


*WP Database Backup     This program will backup your WordPress blog and either save the file to your computer or send you the file by email. Can be done manually or set to backup automatically at preset intervals.


All In One Related Posts    Automatically shows your other posts that are similar to entice your readers to read more of your stuff.


Bad Behavior    This program helps to prevent robotic spam to your site.


Feedburner Feedsmith Extend    This plugin helps to set up an rss feed which allows your readers to automatically receive an email notification when you place a new post.


Google Analyticator    Installs tracking code on your blog posts which allows you to see where, when, and how your visitors use your site. This replaces the old fashioned counters that used to be found on every site.


PS Auto Sitemap   This little plugin will automatically generate a sitemap for your site that your visitors can use to find all of your posts.







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