Posting Service Guidelines

Just to be sure that we all on the same page and that you know what you are getting, these are our posting service guidelines.

We normally can post your articles on the same day that they are received by us and we will make every effort to do so. However, we are only human and we can only spend so much of our time waiting for emails. We ask that you would understand that we have families and lives outside of this project that require our time and attention also.

Here is what we respectfully request from you.

  • We would ask that you allow up to 48 hours for your blog post to go live. Normally they will be up within hours.
  • We have the capacity to schedule your posts to appear through the weekend. If you want posts to show up over the weekend, we need to receive them by 6 pm EST on Thursday. We will then schedule them up to appear on your desired day during the weekend.
  • While not required, we would encourage you to write your blog posts for the week and submit them all at once. Submit them together with a desired posting date for each one. We will schedule them to post on your desired date.

We all know that life happens. We know that unforeseen things occur in your schedules and in ours. We commit that if you need to have a post go up “right away,” we will do our best  to accommodate those requests.




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