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Our business model has been to cater to those who do not know and would rather not learn all of the technical skills required to setup a blog. There are many good folks out there who just don’t want, and frankly don’t need, to learn all of those technical skills–not to mention taking the time. Yet, more often than not these same people have lots of things to say to the world. You may be one of them. Many folks like the idea of a blog and understand how valuable it can be in building a career, but have no idea where to begin and idea what goes into the mechanical part of setting up a blog. For this reason, we have grouped our offerings into simple, easy to use, packages. Our speedy blog packages contain all of the parts needed to get you started within your comfort zone. All you do is pick the one that’s right for you.

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If you have some technical knowledge and just need a start in the right direction, our BASIC package will get you that.

If you have little to no knowledge of servers or web language and protocol, you will need the INTERMEDIATE package.

If you just want to log in, place your post, and publish, the DELUXE  package will serve your needs well.

Due to the labor-intensity and capacity required to grasp technicalities, the BUDGET-CONSCIOUS package is really only recommended for those who have some experience or the willingness to learn.

Some folks will want even more than these. SpeedyBlogSetup.com ADD-ONS offer a number of options to take your blog to an even higher level or provide support beyond what the average blogger needs. Many people choose to have the added help and support or extra pages and services offered by these add-ons.

No-Hassle Blog Setup Plan - We Do it All But the Writing!NO-HASSLE PLAN
Finally–run, don’t walk to check out our total solution pain-free NO-HASSLE PLAN where we do everything for you but write. You simply email us your post and we’ll do the rest–all for one low monthly cost (plus a one-time setup fee).


The packages offered fit most of our customers and so we have not offered an a la carte type offering here. We’re fairly certain you’ll find exactly what is right for you. However, if you have a need for individual elements of our services, we will cater to those needs also. Please contact us with your needs or suggestions. Visit our FAQ Page for more info or help with terminology.

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