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Budget-Conscious Package: $ By Donation (You pay what you can afford)

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The Budget Conscious Package… for those who really want to blog, are willing to learn, and are in need of the right start.

Maybe you are just dying to set up a blog but money is just a little tight right now. I’ve been there too. We can still help, and you simply pay what you can. This plan just covers the bare minimums, but it will get you started.

With this plan, we will set up a basic blog by installing WordPress on your account. You will acquire your custom domain name (i.e. www.yourdomainhere.com) and the hosting package (which allows you to store your files where the public can see them) by clicking one of the following hosting links at the bottom of the page and following the process to acquire your domain name and hosting.

This will cost you a minimum amount—then you can determine how much you can spend by making a donation for our setup services through PayPal. That’s right, you set the price. The only catch is that you must use the hosting link that we provide and you must sign up for a yearly hosting package.


With this package WE will:

  • Install Word Press on your hosting account
  • Install 1 theme
  • Install 6 basic plugins.


YOU agree to:

  • Provide a minimum 1 year hosting package* from one of our partner links.
  • Provide a url or domain name.


The customization will be up to you but the basic setup is done. You won’t be trying to figure out how to install WordPress and where in all of those file directories it belongs.

This is a great entry level package for those who need help in getting started off on the right foot but then are willing to spend some time learning how to do it themselves from there. Maybe this should have been called the “Sweat Equity Package.” :)

How can we afford to do this? We have an affiliate partnership with some of the hosting companies. In order to qualify for this free package, you must sign up with one of our partners for a minimum 1 year hosting package. They, in return, pay us a referral fee for sending them your business. This covers our basic expenses. Our profit is whatever you feel that you can afford to pay us for this package.

This package allows you to do your own customization. It also allows you to choose the price that you can afford to pay. Simply enter this amount in the box.

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Budget Conscious: $ By Donation
Suggested Value $39

You may choose from the following links for your hosting. We must receive confirmation of your account from the hosting company before blog work will begin.




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